INDIA - Do not believe the lies of the exploiters!

The president of India, Modi, now announced the launch of the new health care system "Modicare", which he had "promised" to the people at the beginning of the year. He says "Modicare is the world's largest public health insurance program." Compared to the population of India that does not mean much. 500 million people should now get a free health insurance. 150,000 small medical practices and health centers are to be better equipped and converted into state-regulated health and wellness centers.

India is the most populous country in the world after China, with a large number of people living below the poverty line or at risk of poverty. 30% live below the poverty line and about 17% are at risk of poverty. That makes up almost half of the entire population. The state health insurance will now be set up for those living below the poverty line. That means 40% should be insured in the future. So far, according to official figures, it was only 25%. India has the strongest privatized health care system in the world. India currently spends 1.4% of GDP on public health. In comparison: USA 8.3% and Austria 8.7%. 69% of total health expenditure is paid by private households. Because access to public hospitals is indeed given in the metropolises, but must be paid for medicines, tests and examinations themselves. Many Indians must therefore take out a loan in order to pay the hospital bills or they must be forced to private clinics to get timely and professional medical care. The consequence of this is that annually about 2% fall below the poverty line. (That's 64 million people in India!)

It is intended that "Modicare" focuses on the metropolises. The rural population therefore has no access at all, not now and by Modicare also not. They depend on "amateur doctors" and not without consequences. For example, 33 people were infected with HIV because an amateur doctor used syringes several times; Also, 70 children had to die because of oxygen deficiency, because the hospital had too little oxygen bottles. The government responded that it was not the lack of oxygen that caused the death, but the infection that brought the children to the hospital. "Modicare" also provides only secondary and tertiary care, but not primary medical care. Also outpatient treatments are not provided. However, they would be most needed. The new health insurance program accounts for 70% of the country's total health expenditure. Families who are entitled to receive a gold card and are thus entitled to treatments in the respective registered hospitals. Already it is obvious that this program is not financeable. Many private and public hospitals do not want to be part of it, because there is little for them.

70% of hospitals in India are privately owned. The Ministry of Tourism is using public funds to finance advertising campaigns to attract foreign patients to India. Health tourism is booming in India. Every year, up to US $ 1 billion goes into the country through the private health sector. To this end, the Foreign Minister awards special visas to patients. Medical staff is specially trained to provide health tourists with the best medical standard. Foreign patients can avoid waiting times in their countries of origin because of cheap treatments. A hip replacement costs US $ 50,000 in the US, while in India the same cost only US $ 7,000. A bypass operation costs US $ 100,000 in the US, but only US $ 5,000 in India. "Modicare" is an unfeasible project that deceives the population, as most clinics that are privately owned will not participate. As the government funding is not given. It's nothing but sham and a big election fishing tour ... because it's coming up in the spring of next year.

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