CROATIA – Women march for available abortions

On September 28, the periodic „Solidarity March“, organised by the Zagreb Antifascist Network and the Platform for Reproductive Rights demanded safe, legal, widedely available and free abortions. Hundreds of protesters marched in the capitals centre. They struggled for the possibility of having an abortion or having the recources and child care available to raise a children.

Obtaining an abortion is getting harder in Croatia and many doctors are not able to perform them. Also right now, the croatian government is preparing a new version of the legal text of the abortion law, that of right now does not make it illegal.

„The right to abortion cannot be secured by bringing just one legal frame because legal equality does not take into account uneven material preconditions that dictate whether a person will be able to practise that right. Unemployed women, women who have short-term contracts, women from rural areas, women with children without family and community support, women asylum seekers – they do not have a real choice; often they lack the money for abortion and also adequate conditions to raise their children.“ one of the organizers wrote on their website.

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