MEXICO - Protest for the 43 disappeared students

This 26th of October marches took place in many states of Mexico to protest the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa. This is the 4th anniversary of the disappearances, which happened on the night between the 26th and the 27th of September in 2014. In Mexico City relatives of the students led the march shouting the parole "living they took them away, living we want them back!". Even though it was raining, a mass of 15.000 people took to the streets to protest against this brutal repression by the Mexican state and the organized crime.

The disappeared students of Ayotzinapa have become a symbol of the denounced disappearances in Mexico, which have risen to a total of 37.435 this year. This number is just of the people, that have been reported, which may account for a fraction of the real number. Many relatives of disappeared people are mad that they had not received any media attention or coverage until the disappearance of the 43, which goes to show how the Mexican state has been trying to cover up these happenings for years. This cover up and silencing of the oppressed masses has the sole goal to hinder sparking any major reactions across the general populace.

The official story, which is being called the "historical truth" (verdad histórica), doesn't hold up to any analysis conducted by individuals or organizations outside of the Mexican state. The Mexican population after all the years of corruption and violence is also not falling for it. What is known is that the local police and the criminal organisation "Guerreros Unidos" murdered the students on the night between 26th and 27th of September. It is also known that the students were headed to a protest commemorating the massacre of Tlatelolco of 1968 and that there were 5 buses instead of 4 like the official police report states (many say the fifth bus had a cargo of drugs on the inside). The attack on the students on that night was of such magnitude that 7 students died. It was such an open attack that the official story could not deny or hide police involvement. In a desperate attempt to save as many involved individuals as possible, the Mexican authorities have turned in apparent perpetrators, but it is known that these confessed while being tortured and sometimes they were even falsely accused.

The president Obrador is trying to instrumentalize the marches and the case for his own gains and popularity He is misleading the ones, who have suffered the most under the disappearances, by promising to reopen the case, which was closed by the former president Penna Nieto. The Mexican masses are not fooled, they know the hangman may have changed face, but it has kept the same function.

The struggle for the disappeared of Ayotzinapa symbolize the struggle for the disappeared of Mexico and the struggle of people, who will not give up until justice has reached the real perpetrators: the state and its henchmen!

Presentación de los 43 estudiantes con vida!

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