Libya - Genocide in the mediterranean sea

It is well known, that fleeing over the mediteranean sea is dangerous and may have the price of ones life. Just on one day of September 100 drowned at once some kilometres befor the coast of Malta. An "accident" like it is pointed out in those media who reported this boat-accident? Clearly not! It was a result of imperialist oppression and the fascist migrant and refugee policy of the imperialist European countries. They invest millions to ensure that migrants are stopped and sent back to Africa or Asia ore to kill them by prohibiting rescue ore hindering rescue teams. The migracy policy shoes obvious, that there is no democracy, whether in Europe, nor in Africa.

To cross the mediteranean sea is nothing dangerous, if you have the right origin, papers or enough money. This is showed thousand times, when turists from Europe cross the ocean with modern ferries to make holiday in northern Africa, while refugees die on the same way. The question of migration and of refugees in particular is a big topic, that has over all two important sides. The general one what's the reason of migration in it's essence, and the concrete one what can and needs to be done next to improove the situation whith the goal to get rid of the problem.

No one needs to die in the mediteranean sea! There are enough ferries,... to carry all refugees over the ocean. These boats are in the hands of monopoly bourgeoisie wich uses them as a tool to create profits. It is the same class that is responsible for migration at all. In it's strive for profits monopoly bourgeoisie destroys entired countries so the people have no other choice than to flee or migrate. The answer to the fascist policy needs to be the struggle for democratic rights for the oppressed people as well as to bring forward revolution. "Everything is illusion, except for power!" The people need the power to avoid genocides like that one that is happening right now in the medditeranean sea.

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