ALGERIA – Old colonialist admits its guilt?

One week ago, french president Macron admits that during the Algerian war, the french imperialisḿ used systematic torture against the struggling people and especially the members of the Algerian National Liberation Front (FNL). Maurice Audin, a anticolonialist struggling activist of the FNL has beeing „dissapeared“. Macron said now that he was tortured to death by french soldiers. He visited the widow of Audin and apologised for her husbands death.

Some days ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the hilltop memorial to „martyrs“ who died in Algeria‘s war of indipendence.

It‘s more than hypocritical when french imperialism now admit parts of their colonialist history, while they have thousands of military in Africa today, especially in the Sahel zone. They are still the biggest imperialist force in their old colonized countries, suppressing, oppressing and murdering the peoples masses in these countries. French imperialism killed more than one million Algerians during the anticolonialist liberation struggle. And now the people should be satisfied with Macron admitting torture and guilt? The people will not be satisfied as long imperialism is still suppressing them and stealing their land, ressources and working force.

The heroic struggle of the antiimperialist war against french Imperialism influenced millions around the world and was important step in the anticolonial struggles in whole Africa. Imperialism today shows that the "old colonialists" exploit the suppressed countries even deeper. They are afraid of the struggling force of the suppressed people and to loose their influence and extra-profit from these countries. No real antiimperialist and revolutionary can trust in statements like Macron did. It has to strengthen the antiimperialist and revolutionary forces in their struggle against the Imperialists today!

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