GERMANY - Fascist marches and antifascist resistance

On Sunday, August the 26th, a young man with cuban roots was allegedly stabbed by two refugees in Chemnitz. He was an antifascist that had liked Facebook pages like „Fuck Nazis“. Despite these facts, this sparked Nazis, fascists, hooligans and many other „patriots“ to march the streets in the hundreds for the next two days, resembling a pogrom, because they mourned a „german that had been killed by refugees“.

During these protests and in the following week there were many antifascists counter demonstrations called „Chemnitz Nazifrei“ (Chemnitz free of Nazis). On Monday, September 3rd, multiple famous Punk and Hip Hop artists organized a concert against these fascist marches called #wirsindmehr (there are more of us) in the city.

Around 65.000 people attended the free concert against racism and many antifascist slogans were shouted.

The singer of the band "Kraftklub" said before performing: "We're not naive. We're not under the illusion that you hold a concert and then the world is saved," he said. "But sometimes it's important to show that you're not alone.".

There are not only some "Nazi-groups" on the streets in Chemnitz, the state rascism especially in the last years produced a situation like this. The fascists on the street have no opposite interest than the german imperialist state. It's not only a struggle against "Nazis", it's a struggle against Imperialism and Fascism!

#Chemnitz #Antifascism