SYRIA – Imperialists: Get out of Idlib, get out of Syria!

The imperialistic war in Syria is very close to another massacre against the Syrian people. The contradictions between the two big imperialists, the USA and Russia are intensifying.

In the last days there was a summit in Theran, where the Russian imperialism together with their marionettes the Iranian state declared an offensive against Idlib. It is an region with three million people and the last big region where the Syrian state has still no control. It would be a big step for the Russian imperialism to reach their goal - to reestablish Assad as their marionette in whole Syria.

But this would be against the interests of th US-Imperialism, they are positioned in this region, supporting the different armed groups for their own imperialist interests. After Putin announced the new air-strikes, the US-Imperialism reacted immediately and started with troop exercises to show their strength. They pointed out that no attack on their allies would be tolerated. The contradictions are aggravating and it seems that the imperialist war will create a new massacre.

The freedom for the Syrian people can only be reached by believing into their own strength - trusting in their own power! Only by kicking out the imperialists and smashing the semifeudal and semicolional system through a new democratic revolution there can be peace for the Syrian people!

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