AUSTRALIA - Riot in immigration detention centre

In the immigration detention centre of Yongah Hill the immigrants rebelled against the fascist and racist conditions inside the detention centre. The centre is controlled by officers of a private company named Serco, which is known for fascist and racist methods.The health and living conditions are miserable.

The centre clinic does not operate during evenings or at weekends, it is just opened between nine o'clock until five in the afternoon from Monday until Friday. For to rebellious inmates the medical supply is simply withdrawn. The permanently mental torture led to an attempted suicide of an inmate. This was the starting point of the rebellion. Fearless they stood up against the wardens and started fires in the biggest parts of the detention centre. Only after hours of ongoing struggle the state of Australia could take the control of the centre back. They answered with repression, like turning off the water in the hole detention center. The protest of the immigrants, which are in detention without any democratic rights is justified. The austrialian state shows his fascist face by suppressing this justified struggle. Only the suppressed will free themselves, they have to believe in their own strength! Nevertheless the riot was a success, it was a fierce protest which brought their demands outside the walls of the detention centre.

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