ETHIOPIA - British Imperialism makes exhibition with stolen art treasures from Africa

Since April this year runs the exhibition "Maqdala 1868" in the "Victoria and Albert Museum" in London. It shows the art treasures which was plundered and stolen by the british colonialists in 1968 in Magdala. With this exhibition the "public debade" on the return of the art treasures started another time.

AFROMET banner at Tewodros Square in Addis Ababa

Even though Ethiopia is formally an "independent" country, the historical goods which was stolen by colonialism were never given back. The organisation "AFROMET", Association for the Return of The Maqdala (or Magdala) Ethiopian Treasures, is struggling for the return of the goods. They counted 468 items which are still missing and 10 (!) items which was returned in the last 150 years!

The modern Imperialists like Great Britan, are not interested to give back these art goods. Now the white british people can visit an exhibition about ethiopian history and the ethiopian people have very little chance to also use this goods to learn from their history. For example over 51% of the ethiopian people are analphabet and there are more than 80 languages spoken there. The british imperialism prevents with the plunder that there is more chance to preserve old written documents or the development of labour and craft in ethiopian history. This is how the imperialists also try to prevent the development of the suppressed nations on a culutral level.

The struggle for the return of the Magdala Ehiopian Treasures is justified!

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