MEXICO - International Campaign for presenting Dr. Ernesto Sernas García Alive

Dr. Ernesto Sernas García is still in the hands of the old Mexican state. The professor of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABJO) is a victim of forced disappearing. The comrade is missing since the 10th of May.

All his power he put into the people's struggle. As a lawyer he defended revolutionaries and activists from the repression of the Mexican state. Just like in the case of the 7th June 2015, where comrades were arrested for terrorism and bearing explosives. He was preparing new evidence which would prove the innocence of the 23 comrades, just before he was taken by the fascist forces. The comrades of Sol Rojo iniciated an campaigne, and called for international solidarity! Part of it was a powerful demonstration on the 18th of May.

With the 30th of August an International Campaigne started. From the understanding that the proletariat is an international class every revolutionary has to take up his duty and support the campaigne to present Ernesto Sernas García alive.

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