AUSTRIA - Commemoration event on the six fallen comrades of the TIKKO in Vienna

As in many cities in Europe, also in Vienna an commemoration event on the six fallen comrades of the TIKKO took place. These important events showed that even the fascist terror of the Turkish state can not stop the peoples war in Turkey. In the opposite, it strengthens the forces of the peoples war and brings the revolutionary and communist forces all around the world closer together. Following we want to document an english stranslation of a speech which was held at the event in Vienna, from "Red Front Collective".

The guerilla is immortal – Long live peoples war! Comrades! In the name of „Red Front Collective“ I greet with all my heart, deeply based on proletarian internationalism, todays remembrence event in honour of the six heroes of the workers- and peasants liberationarmy in Turkey (TIKKO), led by the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML). We are proud and full of greatfullness that you gave us the possibility to adress a few words on you. We appreciate todays meeting as an very important event. The six fallen comrades were representatives of the revolution, of peoples war in Turkey/Kurdistan. They stood strongly on the Line of the TKP/ML and took an strong position against liquidatorianism, against armed reformism, against the seemingly „easy way“. Communists from many different countries expressed in the last months their relief and their red class optimism towards those who preserved and saved the party of the masses, the TKP/ML with their struggle against the right and who took up the struggle for the deepening and further development of peoples war. The six fallen comrades, these heroic combattants of the TIKKO, were excellent represantives of this line and children of the international proletariat, who also not left their position when the rights, the cretins and opportunists tried to whisper that it would be „to dangerous“ and that „all is ineffective“. They stood exactly at that place, where the Proletarian World Revolution and its concrete expression in Türkey/Kurdistan needed them at the most, they did not moved back and did not allow themselves to get confused. Therfore an eternal place in the heart of the international proletariat, of the communits and revolutionaries, wherever they are, is due to them. Due to their piece, in which they gave their lives in the end, the six murdered comrades confirm the omnipotence and univerality of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and so also of peoples war. Their death is an battle cry to us against all of those, who try to get us off of these path, who take position against the international proletariat in different masks. The comrades Samir, Mahir, Yetis, Haydar, Yusuf and Taylan will inspire us and other communists and revolutionaries for new acts and the activies of commemoration will be steps of further cooperation and strenghtening of the communists. With that the comrades take alone in their death bitter revenge on fascism in Turkey, because alone the death of the comrades lead the communists to tighter join hands, to tighter close ranks. Also the fascist reactionaries in Turkey/Kurdistan are aware of that, as well as they know thet they can not prevent permanently the progress of peoples war. This is why they bite and strike out wildly like mad dogs, and even attacked one of the funerals of the six great heros with military and police men. With that they once more show their final helplessness towards the forward moving revolution and document impressively their hysterics and panic, which they feel on the combattants of the TIKKO, even when they are dead. The show once more that the way of the party, the way of the TKP/ML wich leads TIKKO, is the right way, that the fallen six comrades represented the class line of the revolutionary movement in Turkey/Kurdistan, the line which will finally triumph over all reactionaries. Therefore the guerilla is immortal, on its way of peoples war – until communism! Eternal live to the legacy of Samet, Mahir, Yetis, Haydar, Yusuf and Taylan! Long live the victory in peoples war and the immortal guerilla! Long live the TIKKO and its leading TKP/ML! Long live Proletarian World Revolution! Red Front Collective, 25.08.2018

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