BRAZIL - Military is murdering in Rio

The military of the fascist Brazilian State makes one massacre after an other. New numbers show the violence with which the President Temer makes war against the people of Brazil. Last February he sent the military to Rio de Janeiro to control the violence inside the Favelas. Now the fascist troops are killing the people of the Favelas, one of the poorest parts of the Brazilian people. The official numbers point out that between January an July 895 people in Rio de Janeiro were killed by the state troops. This are the official numbers so the real ones for sure are far above the thousand.

Just some days ago on the 20. August at least 14 people were killed by military forces. The violence of the old fascist state is enormous, but the revolutionary masses won't forget it. The revolutionary forces are growing and growing. The situation is developing and at end the people will triumph.

All antifascist or revolutionary forces around the world have the reactionary violence and stand in solidarity with the revolutionary forces.

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