USA - Nationwide prison strike

Since the 21. August until the 9. September the prisoners of the USA are doing a nationwide prison strike and also some prisoners in Canada are taking part. The strike is in response to the death of seven people during a riot in a maximum security prison in South Carolina this spring and the first day of the strike marked the 47th anniversary of the murder of the Black Panther leader George Jackson in San Quentin prison in California.

Also in the heart of the main enemy of the people of the world, the USA, the contradictions between the ruling class and the oppressed people are sharpening. The demands of the strike are against the special exploitation, the forced labor, the bad living conditions and the overfilling of the prisons.

The very highest percentage of imprisoned people are black people, following migrants of other oppressed nations. With racist laws the rulers of the USA puts them inside the prisons, where they are exploiting the people by forced labor. It is an hidden continuation of slavery under today's circumstances.

Trough out the hole USA the people are taking part in this strike, the forms of the struggle are from working strike up to hunger strikes.

These are the demands of the men and women in federal, immigration, and state prisons:


  1. Immediate improvements to the conditions of prisons and prison policies that recognize the humanity of imprisoned men and women.

  2. An immediate end to prison slavery. All persons imprisoned in any place of detention under United States jurisdiction must be paid the prevailing wage in their state or territory for their labor.

  3. The Prison Litigation Reform Act must be rescinded, allowing imprisoned humans a proper channel to address grievances and violations of their rights.

  4. The Truth in Sentencing Act and the Sentencing Reform Act must be rescinded so that imprisoned humans have a possibility of rehabilitation and parole. No human shall be sentenced to Death by Incarceration or serve any sentence without the possibility of parole.

  5. An immediate end to the racial overcharging, over-sentencing, and parole denials of Black and brown humans. Black humans shall no longer be denied parole because the victim of the crime was white, which is a particular problem in southern states.

  6. An immediate end to racist gang enhancement laws targeting Black and brown humans.

  7. No imprisoned human shall be denied access to rehabilitation programs at their place of detention because of their label as a violent offender.

  8. State prisons must be funded specifically to offer more rehabilitation services.

  9. Pell grants must be reinstated in all US states and territories.

  10. The voting rights of all confined citizens serving prison sentences, pretrial detainees, and so-called “ex-felons” must be counted. Representation is demanded. All voices count.

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