CHINA - Detention and torture of union activists

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As part of Jiashi Technology in Shenzen, this year, efforts are being made to establish an independent trade union. Shenzhen belongs to the "special economic zone" and has considerable importance for foreign investors.

30 activists were granted on 27 July. Starting point for the fights, which are traded on the stock exchange, overtime and impodes illegal fines. The concepts of the activities, the documents of the activities, the couple and the documentary list. The activists even went so far for their workers growth courses and the greetings challenge. In mid-July, the last week was illegal again. In folded the work for a personal account on a discrete accommodation in the requirements of a personal control and in police custody. Another worker representative could dismiss his customers from the factory, because he did not agree.

The management of the factory handed over the trade union institutions to the police. They were inhaled. In addition, there were house searches and the family members were abducted in the police station.

In mid-August, 14 activists are still inhaled! Within the population there are solidarity actions and support.

Those are preferred to "track down illnesses" and "stir up trouble" because they are supported by Maoist activists. The government is lying to all social media accounts and chat groups. In recent years, the president is blocking many Maoist websites.

Last Friday, 50 Maoist activists were arrested by the police. They gather to support the workers campaign for an independent union.

On Friday, the police broke into a specially rented apartment for the campaign and attacked the activists. It is not clear yet when the activists were kidnapped.

Solidarity with the workers in Shenzen!

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