INDIA - Shyna, a maoist combatant, released on bail!

Shyna, a maoist combatant, was imprisoned for three years. Now she got bail in all cases. But the government tries to extend the imprisonment. The state has to rise down more cases that Shyna gets free on condition of signing of bail bonds by guarantors.

Her crime act was a letter to Chief Minister of Kerala in which she explained that the repressive state moved her to join the Maoist movement. She also wrote: "I have realized that my strong appreciation of the communist ideology made my government job highly insecure. I realized that the government machinery would hunt us down if we start asking the right questions. I understand that for a person who thinks and acts politically, there is no other way than to rebel. Your police and government have made me a Maoist,”

The terror against activist, the fascistic law against the revolutionary movement, is part of the war against the maoist movement, against the people's war led by the Communist Party of India! But like Shyna, people recognize that the only way against fascism and imperialism is the revolution, led by Maoism!

Freedom for all political prisoners in India!

Support peoples war in India!

#PoliticalPrisoners #supportpeopleswarinIndia