CHILE - Feminist demonstration attacked by fascists

In Chile the feminist struggle is going on. In the last months hundreds of thousands of women, activists and revolutionaries went on the street to struggle against the patriarchy. On the 25 of July 100.000 people were part of demonstrations in the hole country, with 50.000 only in the capital Santiago de Chile. They expressed their demand for the right of abortion. The contradictions acuminate, you can see it inside the feminist movement at the two linestruggle, where the revolutionaries are taking big efforts on moving forward with the proletarian feminism.

On the other side, that the old state tries everything to frighten and criminalize the feminist movement. Beside the repression by the police and the military the ruling classes also use paramilitary and open fascist groups for their attacks. The main demonstration in Santiago de Chile was blocked by the open fascist group called MSP (Moviemento Social Patriota). They were able to stop the demonstration for a short time and attacked the people with knifes. Three women were wounded and had to go to the hospital, but are now out of danger. In statements the people showed shortly after the cowardly attack that they are not intimidated. Nevertheless which methods the ruling classes use the struggle against patriarchy will go on and will succeed. Nothing will be forgiven or forgotten. They will get what they deserve, not from today judges, but from the women and revolutionary classes themselve.

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