BANGLADESH - Rebellion of students

At the end of July, two students were killed in the catastrophic traffic conditions in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. This triggered a mass protest of youths taking to the streets to demand better conditions on the road. The initiative was taken up by students and students throughout the country in order to bring the bus company to account.

Buses of the company were set on fire, they occupied the street and carried out regular traffic checks.

The protests escalated and formed into street battles as the protests were attacked by the ruling party, by armed militia. The young people were not intimidated and also attacked officials of the ruling party and lined up the police. Several tens of thousands of young people participated in the protests. The police attacked the protesting masses with water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets and bullets. Schools and universities were stormed and nearly 9,000 young people were reported to face court cases.

Rebellion is justified!

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