SERBIA - 3rd Congress of the Partija Rada

In the beginning of August the Partija Rada from Serbia, a revolutionary organization which is struggling against imperialism, revisionism and chauvinism, announced to hold it‘s 3rd congress. The Balkans are one of the most oppressed and exploited parts of Europe, which it makes very important for the masses not only of the Balkans, but also of the imperialist countries that the revolutionaries of the Partija Rada are given a great symbol with their 3rd congress to the struggling masses!

In the following we publish an unofficial translation of a statement of the Partija Rada to their 3rd congress:


During the international camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina the members of Partija Rada announced that they are going to hold their 3rd congress. The camp and the congress was held to strengthen the resistance movement on the Balkans, within a period in which the disenfranchised masses are going to be threaten with a new war, because of the term of the global capital and the contradictory interests of the most powerful countries, within the period in which the dictatorship and the common exploitation through the lackies and their imperialists mentors against the people of the Balkan and the resources is getting more and more.

The Partija Rada calls for the militant parts to follow up the struggles against the modern slavery. We appeal to resist against the attempt of a new wave of propagation of national hate between the people of the Balkan, which is getting to be implemented by the leadership of the foreign regimes. Our resistance against the dictatorship of the capital, chauvinism and fascism has to be on a more constantly higher level.

Resistance movement on the Balkans!

Balkan to the people of the Balkans!

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