BRAZIL – Hundreds march against the military intervention and the conviction of the 23

On Tuesday, the 14th of August hundreds protested in the streets of Rio to defend the recently convicted 23 activists and to demonstrate against a military intervention, the genocide of poor and black people in the Favelas. The protesters also showed their rejection in the political murder of Marielle Franco.

It was declared, that the repression is not only against the 23 convicted activists, its against all who struggle. Especially mothers, whose children were killed by the old state, were an important part of the demonstration. Slogans against the murderous police, the military intervention and against election were shouted, as well as slogans that the people want to make Revolution. Some activists also wore shirts of the international campaign on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx.

In a speech it was said, that the old Brazilian state is in charge of the conviction of the 23 political activists. „(…) In Brazil 60.000 people get killed annually. Who are the ones murdered? They live in the Slums, they have black skin, they are workers! It is a Genocide against our class, against that ones, which work and live in a honest way.“, Igor Mendez, on of the 23 convicted, said.

The demonstration was very combative and showed the strong will of the masses to struggle and defend the 23 political activists. Beside the big participation of mothers and family members of murdered people, also many progressive activists, members of revolutionary movements, peoples movements, students movement and democratic movement, were a strong and decisive part of the protest.

There were many activities in other cities in Brazil, also solidarity activities in Chile and Ahed Tamimi, who was until recently herself a political prisoner in the Zionist prisons in Palestine, sent a greeting message to defend the 23 activists.

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