AFRICA - The Agrarian Revolution in southern Africa can´t be prevented

The main task in the world today is new-democratic revolution. A revolution in which the oppressed nations and people gain their independence from imperialism, that oppresses them, exploits them and avoids any development for humanity.

The majority of the world population are poor peasants with little or no land so the new-democratic revolution ore the objective thrive of the people for liberation is in its heart a agrarian revolution. We see this quiet obvious in Brazil where organized peasants take back their land that was stolen by colonialists.

Also in numerous African countries land occupation is one of the most important question in everyday politics and in the life of the people. In South Africa people of color are more and more occupying the fertile land that was stolen by colonialism and is today property of white big landlords. The ruling ANC (African National Congress) has proved itself as a servant of imperialism, by ensuring to protect this stolen private property. Some days ago ANC announced to change the constitution to legalize land occupations. This is just another empty promise to calm down the situation because they just want it to be legal if it does not harm any profit interests. They need to do something to stay in power, but they can´t because their masters that pay them are big imperialist companies and big landlords.

The political crisis Zimbabwe is going through today is also a product of the land question. Last year the imperialists mobilized everything to replace Mugabe who had expropriated white landlords. The new government has given back the land to the expropriated landlords. This caused the actual crisis. The same question also exists in Namibia where 50% of the land which means all fertile land is owned by 1% of the population, mostly by descendants of German colonialists.

Death to Imperialism! Forward to the Agrarian Revolution, forward to New-democratic Revolution!

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