ROMANIA – Huge protests and struggle against state-corruption

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday more than 150.000 people went on the streets against the PSD government. Beside the biggest protests in Bukurest, there were also tens of thousands of people in Sibiu, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi, Oradea, Galatz, Craiova and Constanta.

The main reason is a new justice-law, which would save especially corrupt politicians from going to jail. The big anti-corruption protests started in February 2017, where over half a million went on the streets against the corrupt state apparatus. A lot of the people attending the protests now, came back home from other European countries where they work. On Friday more than 20.000 passed the borders to attend the protests and struggle. Around 3-5 Million romanian people have to work abroad, to support their families, that‘s nearly 25% of the whole population.

On Friday evening parts of the protesters attempted to force their way through police lines towards government buildings. The police used a water cannon, increasingly sprayed tear gas and used their truncheons to beat down the struggling masses. The demonstrators answered with bottles and rocks at the police. More than 450 were injured, also 25 police officers and 30 demonstrators were arrested. After the clashes between police and parts of the demonstrators, the state secretary (PSD) Cristian Bïrdac posted on Facebook, that the participants in this demonstration „should have been shot down, not sopping“ (not only wet from the water cannon).

The president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, who is an important Marionette for the EU-Imperialists, was shouting against the „violence“ against the protests. Also European Union condemned the violence, and is not sure if it is ok with the EU principals. The Imperialists of European Union are the ones, who suppress the masses in Romania and force them to live and work abroad, where they are used once more as cheap working slaves. The imperialists have no problem with starving people, poverty, shut down of industry and corruption...until there is „too much“ attention.

The struggle of the romanian people against corruption must be also a struggle against EU and Imperialism, which are the forces who maintain and increase corruption and corrupt politicians.

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