NORWAY - Statement to the convicted 23

In the following we document an unofficial translation of the statement released by Tjen Folket Media in solidarity to the 23 convinced activists in Brazil:


Freedom for the 23 Brazilian activists – Freedom for Igor Mendes

The Brazilian people are fighting – and the revolutionary activists stand in the midst of the struggle. Tjen Folket Media [Serve the People Media] greets the 23, who recently got sentenced to long-term imprisonment, for the struggle against the football circus four years ago. We condemn the Brazilian state and its fascist oppression against the masses. We want to contribute to revealing the myth about "development" in Brazil and other oppressed countries. We want to bring forth the revolutionary activists and especially the activist Igor Mendes.

Since Brazil is a part of the BRICS-cooperation (economic cooperation between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), the myth that the country is on its way out of the position of a poor and exploited country has been created. However, in Brazil poor women may sell themselves to American tourists, while the police is exercising fascist terror and violence against masses in the favelas of the cities and landlords in the countryside take the lives of poor peasants who rise up. The myth about "development" under capitalism is a dangerous dream in this imperialist system.

There is a strong Maoist movement in Brazil. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction) the activists are struggling for the construction of the revolutionary movement and the initiation of the People’s War in Brazil. On the continent where the Communist Party of Peru raised the red banner for People’s War in the Andes, the communists in Brazil are among those who grasp the same banner and carry it onward.

The 23 activists have been recently sentenced to harsh punishments. Their "crimes" are having struggled for the people. They have fought against the police terror on the favelas. They have struggled at the football circus and the World Cup in Brazil which was like a battering ram against the rights of the people. For these "crimes" they are sentenced to around five to thirteen years in prison, among them there is the shining revolutionary writer and youth leader Igor Mendes.

Free the 23!

Igor Mendes is not alone!

Long live the revolutionary struggle in Brazil!

Befri de 23!

Igor Mendes er ikke alene!

Lenge leve den revolusjonære kampen i Brasil!

of repudiation and call to struggle

Igor Mendes, son of the Brazilian people, fighter of the international proletariat, is not alone!

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