ISRAEL - Racist Legislation

In July, the Israeli government passed a law that makes Israel a "Jewish" nation state. This law becomes part of the fundamental right of the country.The content of this law is that the Israeli state is for Jewish people and Jewish settlements are in the national interest. In addition, the symbols are anchored as national symbols such as, the flag, national anthem, Hebrew calendar and Jewish holidays. The construction of Jewish communities should also be encouraged.

With this law, Hebrew is declared the official national language and the previous second official language Arabic now receives only a "special status". This nationality law makes all arabic people to "second class citizens". This is pure racism and discrimination.

In response to racist legislation, more than 700 people in Tel Avis met for "the largest Arabic lesson in the world" to protest against the degradation of the Arabic language. The protest continued for a few days. Over 10,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv to protest against nationality law. Last Saturday more than 50.000 people met in Tel Aviv to protest against nationality law.

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