ZIMBABWE - Who is the main enemy of the people?

Six people were killed in the protests after the elections in Zimbabwe last weekend. Military and police shot at the protesters, which were also armed with sticks. The new president warns the people‘s masses to „accept“ the results. Western imperialist media supports this warning by focusing against the old „dictator Mugabe“, which brought suffering and oppression to the country. Not mentioned is the crackdown of the country since imperialism started to fight the landreform which was made in 2000 until 2011. Until 2000 nearly whole the land belonged to 4000 white British farm-owner. In the year 2000, 3000 huge white-owned farms were occupied by 170.000 Zimbabwean families. In the 11 year period of landreform over 19 million acres of land was taken from the white landowners and given to over one million of Zimbabwean people. After that Mugabe was the „dictator“ and the landreform was cruel, because the white farmers didn‘t get compensation. An interesting fact is, that Zimbabwe has the highest adult literacy rate in Africa, in 2013 90,7%, in 2010 92% and in 2002 97%. Now the new president Mnangagwa said: „My government is committed to compensating those farmers from whose land was taken.“ This is a policy in favor of the imperialists, his military can shoot at people and he will not be named "dictator".

The main enemy in Zimbabwe is Imperialism!

This fact was clear also when the ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union), which led the anitcolonial struggle against the British colonialism, was founded on 8th of august in 1963, 55 years ago. By then Mugabe was one of the leading revolutionaries in the anticolonial struggle. In their ideological concept they declared 1972: „A revolution in Zimbabwe is not only inevitable, but necessary. To destroy capitalism, racism and all their appearances and apparatus, it has to be an armed revolution. To prevent in a later stadium the resurrection of it, it has to be an armed people‘s revolution.“

The today‘s Zimbabwean situation shows deeply, that the contradictions lead to taking up the revolutionary path again. The question of the agrarian revolution is the first task in this state of revolution in semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries. It shows even more, that the leading force can only be a true revolutionary party, a communist party, which unites all the suppressed masses against imperialism. The armed struggle of our era is peoples war, which is everywhere around the world the method to gain victory against imperialism.

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