BRASIL - Way of struggle of Munduruku Women

In the following we document an article about the way of struggle of Munduruku Women from "A Nova Democracia" [source:] Women's meeting munduruku reaffirms way of struggle Between July 8 and 11, the 3rd Meeting of the Munduruku Women was held, which took place in the Patauazal village, in the Munduruku Indigenous Land. They discussed the threats and attacks against their people, as well as the need to strengthen indigenous organizations to advance in defense of their traditional territory. Throughout the three days the Munduruku women denounced the collusion between the old state, the latifundio and the local and foreign monopolies against the rights of indigenous peoples. Dams, railroads, garimpos, waterways, logging, mining and ports were some of the threats listed by them.

"We will never stop fighting for our river and our territory free of death projects. We are defending the river which is like our breast milk that we give every day to our children. The land is our mother, we have respect and we will never negotiate. ", Says an excerpt from the letter released at the end of the 3rd Meeting. The indigenous people reaffirmed the path of the struggle, of advancing in the self-denation and self-defense of the IT Munduruku. They also stressed the importance of strengthening the alliance with other indigenous peoples, such as the riverside and the peasantry.

"We will follow the path of our people's autonomy to keep our territory free for our future generations. We are moving in the construction of our life plan, discussing with our women about our well-being, about our own education, about our autonomy. We women show our work in practice. ", cried the munduruku women in the letter.

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