BULGARIA - Protests against disability laws

In Sofia, Varna and Burgas, thousands have protested the governments diability laws in the last few months, but there have been multiple protests on this issue in the last three years. The last protest of 1000 people took place in Sofia on June 30.

The organized disabled people and their family members are demanding the possibility of home assistance, the coverage of health costs, a revision of work disability assessment and a bigger disability pension. They have come together under the slogan “The system is killing us!”, which is also written on a lot of banners and T-Shirts at the protests.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has answered the protesters by saying:“ They smoke and give birth to disabled children, and then say „The system is killing us“. They have to take responsibility and understand what comes from this.“.

The corrupt, bureaucratic-capitalist bulgarian state doesn‘t want to help disabled people to survive, as they mostly cannot work and by that no capitalist can profit from them. There have also been reports of money being taken by politicans from the disability pension fund. Only in a state were the working class, and not the Imperialists are in power, the interests of the masses will be pursued and the disabled will be fully taken care of.

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