BALKANS - Freedom for Igor Mendes & the 23! Solidarity with the people‘s war in India!

At the beginning of August in an region of the former Yugoslavia one very important action of solidarity to comrade Igor Mendes and the other convinced 22 comrades in Brazil ("Note of repudiation and call for struggle") took place. It was an international action with the participation from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey and Austria and means a strongly signal to the revolutionary and communist international movement. With that action the international banner of proletarian internationalism with Igor Mendes and the other 22 comrades blew also in that region of the Balkans, one of the most exploited and oppressed parts of Europe.

Because of the week of the martyrs of the people’s war in India which was held at the same time, the comrade decided to give also expression to that and to call for solidarity with the people’s war in India. The action was made in the mountains of a former important area of the partisans, those partisans which gave their lives under great privation and sacrifices for the struggle against fascism, for the freedom of the people.

The text in Serbo-Croatian language on the black t-shirts says: “Resistance Movement of the Balkans!”

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