SOUTH AFRICA - Women protest femicide

South Africas National Women’s Day is August 9. Just before this, on August 1st, thousands of women protested against violence against women, and the femicide in Durban, Pretoria, Eastern Cape and other areas. They organized the protests under the slogan „Total shutdown against gender based violence“, urging people not to attend school or work, and not to buy anything.

Men were not allowed to march at the demonstrations. The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist‘s proletarian feminist standpoint is that women carry half of the sky, and have to struggle for their own liberation themselves. But as the existence of classes and the patriarchy have the same origin, the working class, the opressed people and women all have interest in smashing it: private property of means of production. Thereby humanity can and will be liberated only in the classless society: Communism. The struggle for the revolution can only be fought together, as revolutionaries shoulder against shoulder.

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