CHILE - Feminist protests for legal and safe abortion

In Chile, more than 40,000 people marched for the right to abortion. Last year, the government abolished the absolute ban on abortion. The women are not satisfied with this easing and continue to fight for free and safe abortion. Three women were stabbed after demonstrating in Santiago. But not only in Chile demonstrators were attacked for their struggle of the right to abortion.

In many parts of the world, feminist forces are being attacked by pro-choice activists. Clerical Fascist organizations such as Pro-Choice are deeply rooted in the respective state apparatus. They are protected by the state and supports to aggressively uphold the oppression of women. An activist from Chile said about the attacks: "We know there are organized groups that intentionally went to disrupt the protest and do harm, but the feminist movement will continue. We are united and they cannot imagine that type of strength."

The struggle for the right to abortion and childcare is nothing detached from the classes. Engage in the fight to smash patriarchy as the basis for the struggle against the capital. Down with the criminalization of abortion! Destroy the patriarchy! Proletarian feminism for communism!

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