GREECE/TURKEY - Igor Mendes is not alone!

In the following we document the support for Igor Mendes from Partizan [source:]

Solidarity action for Igor Mendes and the 23 activists in Greece In support of the action for Igor Mendes and the 23 activists in Greece / Athens a solidarity action in the football match AEK Athens against Galatasaray organized on 31.07.2018 instead. Igor Mendes was one of the participating students and workers in the 2013 World Cup Spectacle in Brazil. For the Partizan is resear enable the Spanish Proletariat, the brave and enabled for the interests of the terrace of the proletariat. Now he was sentenced by the reactionary and rickety Brazilian state to a historic detention. A group of Partizan in Europe has a football match at the Olympia Stadium instead of a banner with the slogan Free Igor Mendes! Fighting is not a crime! "The group of partisans was greeted with applause and anti-fascist shouts by the fans in the so-called Tor tribune, and the group raised another banner in the Greek language with comments on the brand in Greece in the following episodes of People are dead Standing on the banner Analogously, the phrase "This fire is in our hearts, our hearts are in combat! The Activists of the Partizan consultants of the participants of the activities of the Parties. The Igor Mendes banner was found in the stadium and the actions were completed shortly before the end of the game. The Partizan has also announced that further action for solidarity with Igor Mendes and the 23 other activists will be organized and international solidarity with other revolutionary organizations.


In the following are two links to videos of the solidarity action in Athens:

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