SOUTH SUDAN - Locals attack UN agencies

Like many other oppressed countries, Sudan and South Sudan could be a rich country, but again it is imperialism that steals the natural resources(crude oil) and gives them nothing than starvage. Sudan is a oil-rich country and to get to this resources easier the ruling imperialists supported the separation of the country. By the way, they drew a border line that gives them the direct control over the oilfields in the south. The separation made the situation only for the people worse, but more and more the people struggle against their true enemy: Imperialism and it's national lakys. In the beginning of July angry protesters attacked around 10 humanitarian agencies and injured two UN staff. They looted this 10 agencies and demanded job opportunities for them. To understand this actions of struggle better, it's important to realize that there is almost no state in South Sudan and that UN agencies are a kind of a bureaucratic state built up by the imperialists to make more and more profit threw exploitation. Under the banner of the "United Nations" they want to hide their occupation as aid and help, but the only one that profits from the UN mission in South Sudan are those imperialist oil-companies that steal the oil for no money. The UN is not there for help and when the people realize this fact and struggle against it, it has to be supported.

Down with imperialism!

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