AUSTRIA – Activities in solidarity with the 23 convicted activists!

23 Activists were judged in Brasil for the struggle against the imperialist sport event of the World Cup in 2013. They were sentenced for 5-17 years of prison. Their crime was to defend the interests of the people, to struggle against an event which increased poverty, and suppression. Activists in Austria held high proletarian Internationalism and made activities under the slogans: „Laturo nao e crime! Freedom for Igor Mendes! Freedom for the 23! It‘s right to rebel!“


Activists from Vienna followed the call for actions for the 23 convicted activists of CEBRASPO. With Graffities they expressed their solidarity and implace themselves shoulder on shoulder to the struggle of the brasilian activists, against the crimes of the FIFA-WC-Spectacle and the brasilian comprador bourgeoisie.


There was made a Graffiti to show the solidarity with the activists! The activists pointed out how important it is especially in Europe, in the imperialist countries, to remember the massacres during the World Cup and to defend the struggle against it.

One activist said: „The brasilian activists are a good example to serve the people! We fight one struggle together, so we support the struggles and defend the 23 imprisoned.“


In Innsbruck was made a solidarity action for the freedom of Igor Mendes and the other 22 Activists, which were part of the struggle against the FIFA/WC 2013. They made a banner and shouted the slogans:“ Laturo nao e crime!“ (Struggle is not a crime!) and „Freedom for Igor Mendes!“ and „Freedom for all political prisoners. The video of the action is here:


In Salzburg Activists pointed out especially „Freedom for Igor Mendes“ and also shouted slogans for the freedom of the political prisoners. These activities was expressed during a demonstration of women against a march of clerical fascists.

Laturo nao e crime!

Freedom for Igor Mendes!

Freedom for the 23!

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