MALI - Strike and protest against election and french military

On 29th of July presidential elections will be held in Mali. Government and French Imperialists are afraid Mali is not "ready" for "democratic" elections. In the beginning of this month there was an attack on the Malian headquarters of the international anti-terror task force, the G5 Sahel. Also this month there was a protest, marching towards the French Embassy in Bamako. The protest was made against the continued presence of the French forces in Mali. On a banner was written „France devides Mali“. On the end of June there was launched a strike of election workers, which demand democratic and fair elections, they don‘t think that this can be fulfilled, if there is such a huge level of violence in the country as now. The masses show with their protest, that they have not a lot of illusions, that the imperialists and the old state will bring any change. Much more they see, that since the presence of French soldiers and the G5-Sahel force violence against the people is increasing. The protest against French imperialism shows the urgent need for real independence for the possibility to develop the country.

The most progressive revolutionary forces in the world, the biggest real antiimperialist struggles show, that elections are an instrument of the imperialists and suppressors. The struggling people in theses movements use the method of election boycott to organize them for the struggle against suppression and imperialist war.

Don‘t vote! Struggle!

For the boycott of the election!

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