BRAZIL - Brutal Repression against Peasants

This month there are many more reports of repression on peasants.

Young peasant named Lucas Lima Batista was found dead near the Jhone Santos camp with gunshots all over his body. Batista was one of millions of unemployed youths, who was trying to get a piece of land to live with dignity, but instead he was killed by bloodthirsty armed band of landowners.

Repression like this is widespread in Brazil, many reports coming from the states of Rondônia, Minas Gerais and Bahia in this month.

In the sate of Bahia there was an attempted murder against a peasant, who was heading home and was all of a sudden ambushed by attackers on motorcycle.

In the state of Rondonia there were attempts in different places to displace peasants of their lands, in one of such cases having the displacement of up to 100 families as a result! In another large estate the lying bourgeois press even attacked LCP (League of Poor Peasants) after an attempted displacement, in which they criticized the organized peasants for "carrying heavy weaponry". The peasants, who had congregated to fight off the great landowners and occupy those territories, where met by an actually heavily armed group: the military police.

The landowners in their attempts to forcefully gain more territory resort to all kinds of measures, between which violence and repression are commonplace. Destruction of the little property poor peasants have, torture, beatings and murders, like the case of Lucas Lima Batista, are many of the tactics these swine use. To make things worse they often do so in accordance with the heavily armed police, who is doing the dirty work alongside them.

But as it is well known within the LCP: for each fallen comrade, militant or activist ten more will rise in the struggle!

The reactionary large estate owners and Brazilian state are not able stop the masses, who will not back down from their rightful claim of land. The peasants are evermore encouraged to continue their occupations of large estates and to fight off the attacks of the reaction and push forward towards the Agrarian Revolution!

Long live the LCP!

Long live the Agrarian Revolution!

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