AUSTRIA - Successful start for the upcoming protests and struggles against the EU!

For the next month the Austrian government got the presidency of the council of the European Union. In this context, past week the first meeting of representatives took place. And also the first protests and demonstration started against that reactionary alliance of warmongers and exploiter!


The Austrian revolutionary "Antifascist Action - Information sheet" called to join and to support the protest and made a report on the demonstration, which took place on th 12th of July. It says: "The first summit in the setting of the Austrian Presidency of the EU, which was set in Innsbruck, was answered with an successful and combative start of the protest against the EU, this rotten alliance!". The demonstration was successfully and brings a good level to further develop for the upcoming protest and activities against the EU.

"The demonstration was an good expression of internationalism, and illustrated that also in the imperialist countries the struggle against the EU and imperialism gets developed, which is important for an close boundary with the struggling masses in the suppressed countries and nations.

In a whole it was an successful start for all upcoming activities and demonstrations against the EU, an alliance of warmongers and exploiter. This gained momentum, we have to take on!"

Austrian and Turkish activists and revolutionaries stand together to defend proletarian internationalism!

„Down with EU & Capital! Hold high Internationalism!“

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