BULGARIA - Repression against Prisoners Union

Jock Palfreeman, an antifascist from Australia, defended two young Roma boys, who were hunted by fascists. Defending the boys Jock killed a fascist – the son of a well known politician. He gets convinced to 20 years in jail.

In prison Jock founded a union for the prisoners. They are struggling for better conditions and against the despotism of the prison guard. They have had good success and are turning nasty for the authorities. So recently repression against members started because of stickers. On the sticker there is written “Where injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty". The authorities argument that this is kind of “Hate Speech” which is furthering racism, and so Jock gets punished with getting isolated: no work and no more permissions to go out. That is part of the rage against an antifascist who defend the life of two Roma boys with murdering a fascist!

[source: http://bpra.info/]

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