CAMBODIA – Protest of textile Workers

On 6th of July more than 1.000 textile workers demonstrated in Daun Keo City.

The protests began on Monday when usually work started. On Tuesday the workers protested in front of the provincial labor department and yesterday the protests hit the provincial hall.

The workers demand unpaid severance pay. The workers said that the factory was supposed to pay them a severance package upon the conclusion of their six-year contracts.

One worker said: „We worked there for many years, we need our severance pay and we will return and return again.“

The trade unions were not meant to help them, so the workers started to organize themselves to demand their severance pay.

There are many protests of workers in Cambodia to demand their payments since the last year, because many factory owners and job managers were fleeing to avoid paying wages and severance pay.

The government had been forced to react to the protests and increased minimum wages by 11 percent and thousands of workers have received compensation from the government.

Even though they are only temporary concessions from governments, it shows how important it is for the workers and people to unite and learn to struggle on their own way!

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