AUSTRIA - 100.000 demonstrators against 12-hours working day!

On Saturday, the 30th of June, more than 100.000 demonstrator went on the street to protest against a 12-hours working day!


The Austrian government is planing to establish the 12 hours-working day and a 60 hour working week, that caused a great anger, especially within the workers. From all over the country people came to make a great statement against that. In many parts of the demonstration there was a vitalized and struggling atmosphere. Even if the leadership of social democracy and the trade unions tried to use the protest for their own interests and tried to dominate the whole demonstration, it was getting clear that it would not be not easily for them. A huge part of the demonstration was not under their leadership, which had good influence on the atmosphere. The demonstration was much to huge for the leadership of the trade union to have influence on the whole demonstration. That shows what is possible if the masses and the workers are trusting in there own power!

There is nothing to expect from the bourgeois leadership of the trade union than to protect their voice within the bourgeois apparatus of power.

It was a good demonstration for the revolutionary and consequent antifascist forces. That huge demonstration was powerful start for following actions and initiatives, which have to be done by the activists and workers themselves. The people have to struggle without the control and influence of the leadership of the bourgeois trade union to fight back the 12 hours working day and all the other weakening on the working laws and conditions! That is possible with the power out of the companies, the working-class-districts and the schools!

Defend yourself against the 12 hours working day – struggle against the capital!

No more weakening of the working law!

For the 30 hours working week with full pay!

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