USA - Federal prisons are organizing strike

On April 15th a rebellion broke out in the maximum security prison Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. Seven inmates died in the process of said rebellion and it unraveled an extreme situation, which the correction officers could not handle.

The official narrative stated that the rebellion happened because of fights over money and territory inside the prison, but an inmate had something different to say. The living conditions in prison are really poor, the inmates are always being abused by the prison guards and on top of that they don't get paid for the jobs they have in prison, which makes them slaves. The inmate recalls that the prison riot broke out during a prison fight, organized by the guards, which are called "gladiator matches". In these fights rivaling inmates are put in a locked room and left to fight each other for the guards amusement. This one fight became too big and went out of control.

The extreme situation that followed was too much for anyone to handle, but this was just a reaction to the conditions in this and many prisons in the USA. The prisoners have had enough they want to put an end to the poor living conditions, abuse and slavery under which they suffer and as such they are calling for a strike, which is planned to take place in 5 states on August 21th. The message is spreading and it's to reach other prisons, but also people outside of prisons, which are in solidarity to the cause support the protest outside.

This is a rightful struggle, which affects many prisoners worldwide. This type of oppression, of modern slavery is a gruesome tool, the old state uses to exploit the masses and make more profit by stripping people's rights away!

Rebellion is justified!

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