AUSTRIA - Freedom for Turgut Kaya

To support the struggle for the freedom of Comrade Turgut Kaya, revolutionary activists in Austria made actions in solidarity, with slogans in English and Serbo-Croatian language.

Turgut Kaya, a Turkish revolutionary, is arrested in Greece since April this year, due to an Interpol searching. His negotiation, about his delivery to Turkey, was on the 30th May. If the reactionary Greece state would send him back to Turkey, it would be like an death sentence for him. Turgut Kaya was an revolutionary activist since his student time. Turgut Kaya was often arrested in his live, but never gave up the communist principles and took up the revolutionary struggle in prison as well as outside of prison. The first time of arrest was in 1992. In the years of his captivity, the Turkish reaction tortured him very bad. So today it`s clear, if they send him into a Turkish prison the torture will begin again.

All revolutionaries and democratic activist have to take up with internationalist spirit the slogan „Freedom for Turgut Kaya!“ Long live the revolutionary struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan!

Long live Internationalism!

Freedom for Turgut Kaya! Freedom for all political prisoners!

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