BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Hughe protests: Justice for David!

"Pravda za Davida" - Justice for David

In mid-March, the body of the young student David was found in a stream in Banja Luka, Bosnia. His death was declared suicide, although the autopsy showed that it was clearly not.

Not only that the boy's family does not believe in that, the Bosnian masses are convinced that this is not true. David's family, together with another father to who's son nearly the same happened three years ago, tied to defend the decision of the proper authority - without any victory. But than they get the great support of the masses! Thousands of people joint the protest for justice for David, and against corruption and the old reactionary and depended state. Actions under the slogan "Pravda za Davida" also took place in Serbia, Austria, Germany and Norway.

These protests clearly show that an "unnecessarily small spark" can ignite the fire and spread in a raging manner to a steppe fire. Justice for David! Pravda za Davida!

Death to imperialism!

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