JORDAN – Anti-government protests

Last Sunday more than 5.000 people went on the street in the capital of Jordan, Amman, and many other cities.

The demonstrators protested against planned tax increases and price increases. One of them said, that they would be there until they bring the downfall of the bill. The income tax should be increased by 5 % and the annual income should be taxed about € 9.500,-. One fifth of the Jordan population already lives on the poverty line.

Protests have gripped the country since Wednesday when hundreds responding to a call by trade unions, flooded the streets of Amman and other cities to demand the fall of the government. Already in January there were protests because of the price increase. Electricity bill increased by 55 %!

On Monday, the prime Minister Hani Mulki resigned. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is a specialized agency of the United Nations and officially has the main task of stabilizing the global financial system and of helping countries in difficulty to emerge from the crisis.

Other areas of activity include promoting international monetary policy cooperation, expanding world trade, stabilizing exchange rates, monitoring monetary policy and providing technical assistance. Jordan got a loan from the IMF and in return committed to structural reforms. The IMF was founded by the US to create the fundamentals of a world, economic and monetary order. It is clear to which hand every decision is made.

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