G20 - Repression is going on in four countries

On Tuesday, the 29 of May an European-wide planned operation of the police against protestors and demonstrators against the G20 summit in summer 2017 (Germany) took place. In France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland raids against activists, antifascists and revolutionaries were made - many houses were searched and even one 27-years old men was arrested in Switzerland.The so called "Black Block Task Force" which is connected with the secret serveses of many other European countries, made its first "test-run" with this police operation. The head of the police in Hamburg Ralf Meyer planned this action as a threat against the demonstrators, when he said that they should feel "not so safe" and remember that they will not forget.

Obviously the ruling classes in Europe take the G20 Summit as an pretense to expand the repression against the left, antifascist and revolutionary forces. Although the repression is going on, also on an international coordinated level, the imperialists will not reach their goal: The struggle against oppression and exploitation will go an!

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