CHILE - Student Protests

Since middle of April, Chile has been hosting crews and fighting in the universities. The reason for this is the professor Alejandro Yáñez of the University in Valdiva has sexually harassed a civil servant, but he was protected by the authorities and the university. The protests are welcomed and supported by the FERP (Frente de Estudiantes Revolucionario y Popular). Meanwhile, the spark of protest was sparked to a nationwide fire and the protests have spread throughout Chile. In the course of these protests, it turned out that this professor was not the only one who was interested in women and students. On May 3, 1,500 women have joined forces at the University of Chile to make demands on the university. These demands were not only made for the students but also for the cleaning staff, which mostly consists of women and suffers from the patriarchal system. On May 10, there was a crew of students of the Law Faculty of the University of Chile. With the slogan "Fight together, fight the patriarchy" blocked the students briefly the traffic. But the reaction did not take long to come to an end with the FFEE of a Chilean special police force acting against the blockade. Under the slogan "The revolution will be feminine or there will not be any" barricades were built by the students. The struggles of the students clearly show the determination and the will to fight against this patriarchal system and to smash it! Death to the Patriarchate!

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