PALESTINE – Nakba, the Catastrophe, and the March of return

The past seven weeks, Palestinians in the Gaza strip have been protesting as part of a weeks-long movement, called the March of return, which means the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their homes and villages they were forcibly expelled from by Zionist militants in 1948. Since protests began on March, Israeli forces have killed at least 111 Palestinians and wounded about 12.000 people.

On Monday the protest were getting bigger. The 15th May is called Nakba. This means “the catastrophe” and is symbolized for the day were around 700.000 Palestinians were expelled in a violent ethnic cleansing way.

The situation escalated on Monday, when the US-Embassy was established. The Israeli forces killed 60 persons and wounded more than 3.000! The Palestinian people are not fighting alone. The struggle against imperialism is a worldwide struggle that must be waged not only in Palestine, but also in all countries of the world.

The struggle in Palestine is nothing isolated!

On Monday there were many demonstrations all over the world to draw attention to Nakba.

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