AUSTRIA- Protest against the fascist event at Pliberk/Bleiburg

On the 12th of May in 1945 10.000 Croat fascist called „Ustasa“ get killed in Austria by the People Liberation Army of Yugoslavia at the border of Slovenia. Since every year the croat-catholic Church make a commemorative event with a church fair. It‘s one of the biggest fascist event in Europe. About 15.000 fascist joined this year.

In the antifascist resistance war the Croat fascists killed about 70.0000 people (Serbs, Roma, Jewish, Moslem's and Antifascists) at the concentration camp Jasenovac. It’s very cynical that the Ustasa make this commemorative event year for year and the Austrian government let them stay because it is on a private place from the catholic church. But this year antifascist migrants form ex Yugoslavian demonstrate against the fascists. They hold up Banners where it was written on: “Rame uz rame, protiv Fasizma” (shoulder on shoulder against fascism), “Ustase I Cetnici zajedno ste bjezali” (Ustasa and Cetniks, Serbian Nationalists, run away together) and write on the streets “smrt fasizmu” (death to fascism). The Exploration of the masses on the Balkans are connected with the Austrian capital! All Austrian Antifascists and Anticapitalists have to see that the struggles on the Balkan are also struggles against the Austrian capital.

And Austrian antifascist need to support the struggles against the Croat fascists like the people of ex Yugoslavia support the antifascist struggles in Austria!

Smrt Fasizmu!

Sloboda Narodu

Death to fascism!

Freedom for the people!

#Austria #Ustasa #Antifascism #Pliberk