ARMENIA – Massprotest against the government and its leader

Since mid-April people are protesting against the change of government of ex-president Sarkissjan.

The masses blocked roads and put the traffic down. In total, more than 15.000 people have been on the streets since 13th of April to protest against the amendment of the Constitution and the consequent strengthening of power of the head of government and the resignation of Sarkissjan. In Yerevan the demonstrators tried to build barricades around the inner city. The police use tear gas and smoke grenades to prevent the advance into the parliament building. In total of 277 demonstrators were arrested. For eleven days thousands protested for the resignation of the head of government and against the catastrophic social-economic situation.

The majority of the protesters were mainly supporters of the opposition, which followed the appeal of Paschinjan. Paschinjan, the leader of the liberal electoral coalition „Yelk“ appealed to the people to stand up in order to push for new elections. He spoke of a „necessary“ revolution. Paschinjan diverts the masses from the true revolution. He maintains the appearance that there is a „better“ government with him. That there is a change of government with him in government. He puts the masses of the scent! Government and power is not the same. A change of government does not change the question of power. With Paschinjans attitude and phrases, the illusions in the parliament of the people are strengthened. Nor does Paschinjan present anything else, to put it in Lenins words, „as a decoration of the bourgeois government“.

To build the power of the people, the proletarian power, it takes more than a change of government. It needs a radical transformation of the whole bourgeois state apparatus, nothing else. The masses in Armenia have shown their revolutionary energy. Your rebellion is justified! They need a proletarian leadership to complete their struggle.

Armenians, learn to fight in your own way and rely on your strength!

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