BRAZIL - Peasants Retake their Land

The peasants and families of camp Enilson Ribeiro, who in 2016 had held a week long camp in the Bom Futuro estate, have managed to take their land back!

In 2016 when the camp was established, the peasants held long battles with the police and armed mercenaries hired by the estate owners. After a week of resistance, the peasants, who were organized under the LCP (League of Poor Peasants) were driven out of the estate by force.

The estate which measures 11.500 hectares was formed through false titles of public lands by Augusto Nascimento Tulha, a great estate owner and reformed doctor.

On the 30th of April they finally managed to take their land back. The reaction didn't take long to respond as on the 1st of May the general commander and the sub-commander of the police of São Miguel do Guaporé and a representative of Incra (National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform) went to the camp to threaten the peasants.

These murderous criminals, these government thugs whose only line of work is oppression, will face fierce resistance from the peasants of LCP. If they think they can push and thread on the poor, they are gravely mistaken. Camp Enilson Ribeiro may have been displaced once, but they will not give up and no matter what these murderous thugs do, they will always return to the land that is rightfully theirs. That is something they cannot stop!

We salute the brave peasants of Enilson Ribeiro!

Long live their righteous fight for their lands!

Down with the murderous great estate owners!

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