DRC - Ebola and what needs to be done against it

Just days ago it came to a new outbreak of Ebola (a deadly virus) in the "Democratic Republic of Congo". In only a few days Ebola killed 17 people, since 2014 it were 11.300 all over Africa. Like in many cases this is a virus who's distribution could be avoided by minimal hygiene standards and this leads us to the responsibility of the imperialist world system.If the DRC would be an independent country, not only in words, it would probably be one of the richest in the world, but it is ruled and exploited by imperialism which makes it one of the poorest and most unstable ones in the world. Especially the southeastern province Katanga is rich of copper, diamonds, cobalt,... No mater how intensive a crisis in the country was or how strong a revolutionary movement, the imperialists never stopped exploiting this province, whether with their own US and Belgian troops, UN-missions, local army, warlords or child soldiers. For more than 30 years the country was ruled by Genear Mobutu, which was a good friend of G.W.Bush, Richard Nixon,... he was probably one of the best friends of all "democratic" countries in Europe. In this time oppositions disappeared and got killed, hospitals and schools got closed, genocide in neighboring countries was supported and a palace in the jungle was built for himself. Under his leadership the country got totally destroyed.

Even though the DRC could be one of the richest countries in the world, Ebola and other viruses can only be held back by international humanitarian organizations. The county itself is not able to do anything against the spread of viruses.

It is necessary to do something again a new outbreak of Ebola in the DRC, and it´s good if volunteers go there to stop it, but they need to recognize:

NGO´s cant stop the problem because the problem is Imperialism, only the liberation of the country can. The DRC has a long history of anti colonial struggle and anti-imperialist revolution. The great Communist Ernesto Che Guevara went to the DRC in 1965 to support the Revolution in the DRC where he fought under local leadership. He is a strong symbol for proletarian internationalism and shows that we need to unite with the poorest masses all around the world and to learn from them and to fight with them if we want to serve them.

In most cases "left" organizations, movements and people don´t care about Africa. They practice a colonial behavior and spread theories, that the local people are so poor and that we need to help them by telling them, how they need to liberate themselves. They think they need to tell them how the world works and how they need to fight.They totally ignore the vital struggles in the so called "3 world" which are the storm-centers of the proletarian world-revolution.

Let us fight together with the oppresses masses all around the world! Let us unite under Maoism and act according to the necessity of this new epoch!

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