IRAN – Protests on the International Workers Day

The fascistic government cut the Telegram-Messenger, to prevent contact between the workers. But that was no reason to stop the workers to get on the streets on first may. One women called „The whole world should know about our struggle!“. The workers denounced the extreme poverty, the pangs of hunger and the refusing of wage payment. The wages are four times lower than the official poverty level. The workers carried slogans like „Government: Thief! Parliament: Thief!“.

In Tehran there were thousands of workers on the street to protest to their deplorable living conditions. They demanded with slogans and banners „Arrested workers should be freed“, „Our dinner table is still empty“ and „Hey, You, billionaire minister, I haven‘t been able to buy meat for the past 40 months“. The protest rally in Tehran was attacked by security forces and many workers were arrested. There was also an other march in front of the governments „Workers House“. The masses shouted „Death to oppressor, hail to the workers!“.

The workers in Iran are struggling for legalization of unions. Women demanding to a land-wide independent women-union, to struggle against the fascistic oppression. Iran is in the center of the opposition between the US-Imperialism and the Russian Imperialism. Therefore the oppression against the masses is getting bigger. And also the opposition between the masses and the government is getting bigger, as it can be seen in the protest since last year. The Iranian people can‘t be beaten down, that was clearly shown on May First!

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